User monitor


Archival product

The NVE-M200 user monitor is an elegant and aesthetically made device designed for installation in a residential or office space. The large color screen and intuitive menu allows quick and convenient use of its functions. In addition to the basic functions (camera image display, door opening), the on-screen menu also allows you to view and delete messages and photos. The device's basic memory allows you to save up to 100 photos. Built-in speaker and microphone facilitate operation and communication with guests, security of the building or other premises. Communication with another subscriber is also possible by receiving and sending text messages entered from the keyboard displayed on the screen. The door opening command from the icon on the screen can be additionally password protected. Optionally four input lines can create a simple alarm system enriched with images from cameras. The subscriber is armed / disarmed by means of an icon on the screen. The alarm is signaled locally and on the security monitor. Disabling the alarm requires a special password. It is also possible to install a monitor in an elevator that will allow communication with building security in an emergency.

Novus video intercom

Video intercoms from the NVE series are a family of modern products designed for office buildings, housing estates and single-family houses offered under the NOVUS brand. The offer includes:

•    guard monitor and user monitors
•    entry panels, door panels
•    sPoE switch and PoE switch
•    switching power supply

This set allows you to create different configurations depending on the structure of the housing estate or building. 

Alarm system

User monitor allows you to create a simple alarm system based on 8 NO / NC inputs and 1 alarm output. Zones have 3 possible types of triggering to be set: instant, delay and 24h instant. The alarm is also signaled on the NVE-GM200 guard monitor.

Intercom calls and text messages

Complete communication with other apartments or with household members located in a different part of the house. The monitor also allows you to send text messages to a specific group of residents or to a selected resident.

Monitoring from IP cameras and entrance panels

Monitoring from cameras built into the entrance panels and from IP cameras (up to 32 IP cameras in the system).

Doorbell button

The monitor can use one of the alarm inputs to operate the bell button. Pressing the is signaled by a separate sound signal, which ensures users immediate information about the guest.


The user determines wheter the visitor will be able to leave a voice message. The message can be recorded immediately or only after the call has not been answered. Voice messages are saved in the call register along with the visitor’s photo or video.


Quick and efficient installation with minimal wiring. The Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology enables powering devices and their communication using the UTP telecommunications cable. 

Data recording

Memory for up to 100 photos and 10 videos. Expandable with an SD memory card.

Device type

Indoor monitor




800 x 480 px




18 V DC (only NVE-SW200-7P)

Additional functions

alarm functions, additional door panel, SD card slot, volume control

Power consumption


Operating temperature

from -10 to 55 °C


210 x 140 x 20 mm

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