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Kamera ze zintegrowanym adapterem ściennym/sufitowym (junction box)

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NOVUS network switches recommended for VSS and KD systems

All NOVUS switches are compatible with IEEE802.3af standard and able to power suppling devices with PoE method.


NOVUS wireless monitoring system NV-WIFISET-1

The wireless network monitoring system is an extension of the range of NOVUS cable video surveillance systems.


4000 series recorders

The new recorders ensure full compatibility with the 2000 series cameras.


New module for controlling elevators KDH-MOD2016-ELV

Thanks to the KDH-MOD2016-ELV module introduced to the offer, it can support up to 69 floors.


6000 series network recorders compatible with the NMS platform

6000 Series network recorders, which are highly appreciated, have been integrated with the NMS platform (Novus Management System) - a professional solution for video surveillance.


Face recognition in NOVUS VSS systems

Selected models of the autonomous 6000 series recorders marked additionally with the letter F have the function of face recognition.


NOVUS Speed Dome Vandalproof IP Camera

The vandalproof class of the NVIP-3DN3630SD/IRH-2 camera is IK10.


Intelligent image content analysis in NOVUS 2000 series IP cameras

NOVUS 2000 series IP cameras generating images with resolutions of 4 and 5 Mpx have six functions of intelligent image content analysis.


NOVUS fisheye IP camera compatible with 6000 series autonomous recorders

The wide range of NOVUS fish-eye cameras has been further expanded by adding another model from the 3000 series - NVIP-6DN3618V/IR-1P.


Elimination of unjustified alarms in NOVUS AHD systems with motion detection

AHD by NOVUS multistandard cameras has been enriched with new models with built-in PIR detectors.


AHD by NOVUS recorders integrated with Kronos NET software

Please be advised that AHD loggers by NOVUS have been integrated with Kronos NET software.


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