New module for controlling elevators KDH-MOD2016-ELV

Thanks to the KDH-MOD2016-ELV module introduced to the offer, it can support up to 69 floors. The module contains 16 relays with NO/NC outputs and communicates with the elevator controller KDH-KS2000-IP-ELV via the RS485 bus. It has a set of microswitches for setting the address on the RS485 bus. Thanks to this, it is possible to connect up to four such modules to the elevator controller - each with a different address. You can still use the KDH-MOD2000-ELV module with four relays. Therefore, the system offers three possibilities to integrate and use different modules depending on the number of floors to be served. The following diagrams show these three options.

The table in the KaDe Premium Plus II program has also been extended, in which we assign users access to particular floors. This function is available in version V.143B or higher.


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