Intelligent image content analysis in NOVUS 2000 series IP cameras

NOVUS 2000 series IP cameras generating images with resolutions of 4 and 5 Mpx have six functions of intelligent image content analysis:

- DNS - detection of zone violation, crossing of the zone border by the facility,
- GLP - line crossing detection,
- DWO - detection of the appearance or disappearance of an object in a specific zone,
- IO - identification of people (an alarm event is generated when a human figure is found in a specific zone),
- RT - face recognition, identifying an object resembling a human face, in a specific zone,
- ZP - counting of line crossings.

For all the above alarm actions, the user can specify reactions - sending an e-mail with information about the event and photo, sending the image to the FTP server or starting recording video stream on the SD card (if the given camera model allows it). The mentioned analysis and image recording functions on the SD card can operate according to the schedule specified by the administrator. In the case of intelligent event detection, you can export the received results every hour to an XLS file. In addition, the results can be interpreted in the camera menu using a line graph or histogram.

The cameras operate autonomously and are compatible with selected intelligent analytical functions (DNS, DPL, DWO) with 4-megapixel AHD DVRs from NOVUS, supporting all analog TV surveillance (AHD, CVI, TVI, CCTV) standards available on the market. In the case of the above mentioned recorders, intelligent functions are available for all IP channels.


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